How to Choose the Best Rakhi for Brothers

Rakhi festival is a celebration of love between brothers and sisters in India. To have a brother or sister is an entirely awesome experience. To have a brother gives the sense of courage and confidence, irrespective of whether the brother is elder or younger to us. Similarly, having a sister means having a friend and caring person all through our life. 

How Rakhi celebration originated?

The celebration of Rakhi festival dates back to the Puranic age of India. According to the legends, it was Lord Sri Krishna and Draupadi, the wife of Pandavas, who started this tradition. It so happened that once Lord Sri Krishna got injured in his little finger. Then Draupadi, his sister tore her saree and tied around the injury out of love and respect towards her brother. Then Lord Sri Krishna blessed her with a gift saying that he would protect her all through her life. He also assured that whichever sister cares for her brother in this way and whoever brother takes the responsibility of her sister stays happy and victorious always.

Rakhi Celebrations in India

Indians give immense importance to relations, bonds, and associated values. Hence, the Rakhi festival which celebrates the essence of Bhaiya-Behen (Brother-Sister) relation is celebrated with much happiness and devotion. On this day, brothers visit their sisters' houses and spend time with them talking happily. Sisters wake up early in the morning, take head bath, decorate their houses to welcome their brothers, prepare special lunch with a number of sweets and traditional recipes, especially for their brothers. 

Sisters tie the rakhi around the right-hand wrist of their brothers and exchange blessings. Brothers give a gift as a token of their love towards their sisters. They spend time talking about their life and their childhood reminiscing beautiful memories.

Rakhi Gift Ideas

Rakhi is a festival that offers fun both for sisters and brothers. Sisters spend a lot of time in choosing a Rakhi that would steal their brother's heart. There is a lot of variety of Rakhis available in India. For example, Om Rakhis, Stone Studded Rakhis, Kundan Rakhis, Jardosi rakhis, Printed Rakhis, and many more. For little brothers too, there are a lot of options - Bal Hanuman Rakhis, Chotabheem Rakhis, Doremon Rakhis, Mickey Mouse Rakhis, etc. 

As return gifting is a tradition from brother's side, brothers choose a nice gift for their sisters. Handbags, Watches, Makeup Kits, Spa Kits, Organic and Handmade Soaps, etc, suit well for sisters in their teenage and youth.

For women of middle age Sarees, Idols, Kitchen Tools and Appliances, Health care items, Sugarless Sweets, Fresh Fruit Baskets, Dry Fruit Baskets, Suit very well as good return Gifts for Rakhi.

If you are looking for Rakhi to UK service or online Rakhi delivery in UK from India, you can choose any of these best Rakhi Gifts to the UK for family.

Do you know? You can also add a spark by sending personalized gifts such as printed Coffee Mugs, Photo Frames, Flower Bouquets and Roses with a cute message. Didn't we forget something? Yes - Cakes! How can we celebrate any beautiful occasion without a delicious and colorful Cake and that too loving occasion like Rakhi! Don't' worry. 

There are plenty of Cake options available online to send them to your siblings for this Rakhi festival. All that you need to do is choose a cake variant that your sibling would love and get your message printed on it. Do you know? You can also get photos of your siblings printed on cakes. So why delay? Go ahead and gift your sibling a beautiful gift that will make this Rakhi more memorable for them.

Happy Rakhi to you and your sibling! Happy Gifting!

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