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The traditional ceremony called Rakhi is practiced in most parts of the Indian subcontinent. For the Hindu's, this day highlights the bond between a brother and a sister. As the name itself says-

Raksha Bandhan, it translates to protecting a relationship. The brothers and sisters pledge security, concern, and devotion to each other on this day. 

As the cultural norm demands, the sisters tie an amulet, charm, talisman called Rakhi on the right wrists of their brother. The brother, in turn, showers her with gifts and blessings. This tying of thread in the wrist signifies the bond between the two and tightens their relationship. The Rakhi acts as a charm for good luck, long life, and protection for the brother. 

The Celebration of Rakhi

Rakhi is celebrated on the full moon day which is on 15th August. On the auspicious day of Rakhi, the family deities are worshiped. The sister prepares for the ritual by wearing new clothes and preparing a puja thali. There is a variety of sweets and money placed on the plate beautifully. The sacred thread of Rakhi is also worshiped during this time. The 'tilak' is made on the forehead of brother with the kumkum powder and rice grains are dispersed on his head.

Sweets and Rakhi Gifting Ideas:

Both the brother and sister exchange gifts with each other on this day which is considered as the token of love and affection. During this joyful occasion, the sisters prepare delightful dishes for their brothers. Some Rakhi exceptional foods are ghewar, halwas, kheer, laddoo, shakarpare, puri, ghugni, namakpare and so on.

The preparations of the function start almost weeks before the day. The shops are filled with colorful Rakhis, special Assorted Sweets and exclusive gifts are displayed at discounted prices, while the brothers and sisters living at distance start planning for celebrating the actual day with much delight and excitement.

Celebrate Rakhi from a distance

Though most brothers and sisters don't show their concern for each other all the time, the underlying feelings cannot be overlooked. Raksha Bandhan is the day when they actually cherish and uplift their relation and rejoice together. The shortcomings in their lives and the fulfillment of a better future are some of the duties siblings uphold and take responsibility together.

For the siblings living far off, most miss the occasion of celebrating Rakhi. Due to compulsion and circumstances, brothers and sisters are unable to celebrate Rakhi in the traditional way. However, there are several ways to still celebrate this day and make it special despite the long distance. You can rekindle the lost spark with your family members.

The solution is to send Rakhi Gifts online with the help of this generation's fast and express delivery services and portals. Just because someone lives far off doesn't mean one doesn't deserve the full taste of celebration. Online portals help you select the best Rakhi Gift ideas in UK from which you can choose your desire. Online services are convenient and the payment modes are safe and secure. They offer guaranteed shipping and make sure the Rakhi and gifts arrive in good condition. So shower your love and good luck to your brother or sister from your home and send Rakhi to UK this year to deliver your love. 

Rakhis are colorful and beautiful amulets that come in different color threads and designs.The products you can find online allow you to choose from a wide range of variety. Such as Ganesha Rakhi, Swastik Rakhi, divine Rudraksh Rakhi which signifies wealth and empowerment, children's Rakhi, Jeweled Rakhi, ethnic Designer Rakhi, etc. Along with these adorable Rakhi's, you can send Indian delicacies like sweets. You can send a box of Assorted Sweets, Soan Papdi, Haldiram Gulab Jamun, Kaju Katli and various assorted Mithais. Sending these will make them feel closer to home and they will not miss out much. You can also send a charismatic composition of Rakhi Sets with dried fruits and other chocolates and sweets. Along with it send a spectacular arrangement of Silver Plated Thali.

Apart from these, the brothers who received Rakhi's can send Rakhi Gifts to UK to their sisters as well. You can gift a variety of sarees like Faux, Printed, Georgette Sarees along with a box of Assorted Sweets wrapped in love. Return the love you received from your sister and show how grateful you are with the help of gifts as your expression of gratefulness. With the help of online Rakhi delivery in UK make this Raksha Bandhan a memorable one for you and your brothers and sisters. This one day which is celebrated especially to enhance your relationship with each other should be enjoyed to the fullest. Overcome the shortcomings by sending your blessings and prayer even from a distance.

Raksha Bandhan signifies the incomparable bond of love, care, and respect between siblings. However, if we see the broader perspective, the festival of Rakhi (Raksha Bandhan) conveys a fundamental message of universal brotherhood and sisterhood. Thus we can see the festival of Rakhi conducts a message that has socio spiritual significance emphasizing the need for nourishing of positive qualities, purity in thought, deed and words.

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