State Flower of Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh, the land occupying the south-eastern coastal region in India is one of the fertile agriculture-based state, famous for producing rice, thanks to the perennial rivers Godavari, Krishna and Penneru. Not only that, Andhra Pradesh has many feathers on its cap, like, the black buck, the rare flora and fauna, temples, monuments, Film City, tourist-puller attractions, waterfalls and Eastern Ghat mountains. Flowers of Andhra Pradesh is surely of a great weightage as floriculture in Andhra Pradesh has always occupied a prominent place. In AP, loose flower farming currently covers 54,363 acres, producing 1.26 lakh metric tons of Flowers a year. There are 50 greenhouses dedicated to the growth of cut flowers, each of which can produce 1 lakh blooms in a single crop. The hilly areas of Eastern Ghats are home to many floras and species, like the Orchids of rare species. So, what would be the ideal flower to represent this state of positivity and vigor! The State Flower of Andhra Pradesh is none other than sweet-smelling Jasmine. Because of the purity of its aroma, jasmine is chosen as the state flower of Andhra Pradesh to promote optimism and knowledge among its citizens and throughout the country. Great enough! 

Flowers have long dominated our cultural and social space, including our emotional expressions. And, they continue to do so. Can we imagine gifts without a mention of flower or floral patches! In Andhra Pradesh, people here also respect and revere flowers as a present to the Idols in temples, or for the near ones, for Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding, Diwali, Pongal and more such memorable occasions.

Here flowers are cultivated in diverse climatic conditions, with Araku identified as a prominent floriculture spot for its optimal weather condition with less maintenance compared to the other places in AP. The state has also plans to start growing orchids in Chintapalle, a rugged area in Visakhapatnam's Eastern Ghats that has what they think the appropriate climate.

So, let's have some pep talk about the State Flower of Andhra Pradesh, Jasmine, though there are others to dominate the flower baskets of AP. Gladiolus, lily, jasmine, aster, rose, gerbera, marigold, and carnation are among the popular flowers harvested in Andhra Pradesh primarily in the districts of Anantapur, Guntur, Prakasam, Chittoor, and East Godavari.

1. Jasmine  : Jasmine or Malle Puvvu in Telegu is perennial shrub belonging to the olive family. Jasmines are frequently grown with a distinctive scent of its flowers. They can grow as erect, spreading, or climbing shrubs and vines, as well as deciduous or evergreen plants. The flowers normally have a white or golden colour, though they occasionally have a little reddish tint. In Andhra Pradesh, just like other South Indian states, jasmine blooms are decked in women's hair and are widely cultivated for their flowers. They are raised in gardens and used as offerings to temples.

2. Gladiolus : Gladiolus blooms from October to March with brilliant pink, purple, red, and white flowers. You may also find them in rare shades of violet, peach, purple, and even green. They come in a variety of forms, including single, double, and semi-double flowers with either flat or curled petals.

3. Roses : When it comes to sending emotions, nothing can beat Roses for Mother's Day, Christmas, b-day, anniversary, and Valentine's Day floral baskets. They come in a fragrant shade of red, white, pink, or yellow, leaving a lasting effect on people's feelings.

4. Marigold : Marigolds are happy flowers famous for their sunny glow, hardiness, and ease of cultivation. Two of the more well-known marigold variants are the French and African forms, which are characterised by their strikingly big, completely double flower heads.

5. Carnation : One of the most appealing and lucrative flowers are Carnations in Andhra Pradesh, being one of the significant carnation-producing states. They are colorful blossoms that come in a variety of hues, including lavender, pink, and yellow.

6. Orchids : Some of rare species of Orchids are grown in the Eastern Ghat hilly regions, with the colorful blooms. They come in sparkling violet, pink, white, blue in color and are considered to be a dwarf species.

Thus, you see you can go with so many floral variations along with the State Flower of Andhra Pradesh. If you need to send floral presents from AP, connect us through our website India-flowers-gifts and we'll deliver the fresh flowers beautifully arranged in vase, bouquet, bunch or basket at your desired place in India, with low-cost same day delivery.

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