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When you think of Punjab, you have too many colors on your palette. Soulful music, peppy Bhangra beats, the teachings of brotherhood, the Golden Temple, rich cuisines and the vibrant blossoms portray the landscape of a thriving happy state that is Punjab. The fertile land of five rivers, with its sun-kissed mustard fields making it to the horizon, mesmerizes spectators. It's no wonder Punjab State Flower must be something as colorful as the people over there. Yes, the state flower of Punjab is the Gladiolus, the vibrant-shaded Flowers, better known as the 'sword lily'.

The name comes from the peculiar sword-like shape of the leaves. Gladiolus blooms in vivid colors of pink, purple, red, and white, and bloom from October through March. The flower is lovely, vibrant and plays a significant role in Punjabi culture and based on its unique characteristics, Gladiolus was chosen as the flower of Punjab. Every year, the plant blooms between July and September reaching a height up to 60 cm. Being one of the exquisite flowers in India, Gladiolus, is frequently used as a context in poetry, music, dance, and other artistic creations. That's the reason, Gladiolus was rightfully recognized as Punjab State Flower. These flowers come in white, red, orange, and yellow hues that are mostly found. But there are also some unusual colours, like lilac, peach, purple, and even green. Not only that these flowers come in a variety of shapes. Common shapes include single, double, and semi-double, with flat or curved petals. Gladiolus flowers thrive in warm environments like those in Southern Europe and Africa.

Punjab has a distinctive style of living life with zeal and compassion, hard to overlook. Think of the Punjabi culture and you'll feel the beat! They have celebrations all round, be it Wedding, harvest festival, or anything, people just cannot help dance to the foot-tapping numbers, be it Bhangra, Jhumar or Gidda. When it comes to flowers in Punjab, the outstanding blossoms come in a platterful, in distinct shapes, varieties, all associated with the spectrum of colours, from fluorescent shades of Carnation to scarlet and rich hues of Dahlia, sizzling Marigolds, Mustard and many more for the flower baskets of Punjab. Let's take a sneak peek at some of them to know about the flowers that dominate the Punjabi gardens, other than the Punjab State Flower. 

Indian Oleander - Better known as Raktakarabi, the native of Mauritania and Morocco, Oleanders have long been charming Indian gardens. Indian Oleanders are one of the most significant flowers of Punjab, found in two prominent colors as yellow and red.

Carnation - One of the most commercially viable flowers are Carnations. Though these flowers are extensively grown in Europe and the United States, some states of India produce Carnations though in a small scale. Major states that produce carnations are Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, West Bengal, Jammu & Kashmir, and Karnataka. These are the vibrant blossoms, with myriad hues from yellow, pink, lavender, and others.

Mustard - Revelling in the lush mustard fields can be something worth. Mustard is grown in abundance here, and underneath the mesmerizing flowers there are the seed pods and leaves, much used in cooking. Mustard seeds are widely used as seasoning agent and to extract oil, while the mustard green or the sarson da saag is much famous in Punjabi kitchens, with widespread tie-up with Makke di Roti.

Marigold - The staple happy-goes-lucky flowers are just like the high-spirited people of Punjab, ever cheerful, hardy, and easy to grow. There are few popular varieties of marigold, the French marigolds and the African varieties, renowned for their bright huge, completely double flower heads.Torans of marigold made with yellow, orange, and red flowers are mostly used for the auspicious functions in Punjab. 

Sunflower - Sunflowers with their sizzling aura are cultivated in spring time in the Indo-Gangetic plains of Punjab, Haryana and UP. The flowering season is summer, flaunting the mellow yellow tones. 

Dahlia - The resplendent full-grown Dahlias come in all possible hues of the colour spectrum, with single or mixed shading.

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