Most Beautiful Flowers in India

“Happiness held is the seed; Happiness shared is the flower.” - John Harrigan

So, when we speak of the happiest creation of nature, flower is the utmost that comes to our mind. With Flowers, you can catch up with the sentiments of those who reside far away. Giving flowers gifts to your spouse, Kids, grandparents, Parents, or beloved or beau is an example of sheer compassion. In today's hostile environment, more such genuine ambassadors of faith and encouragements are needed to ward off resentment and hostility. Indian landscape has always been endowed with such floral marvels, in all spheres, be it poetry, festivals or literature. So, what make the Most Beautiful Flowers in India? There are endless varieties of them, from roses, jasmines, hibiscus, sunflowers, marigolds, germanium, carnations, gerbera, Ketaki, oleander, dahlia, primrose, Gul mohar, lily, to tulips and much more.

If you love flowers and wish to do some floral decor in home, or cultivate such rare blooms in your backyard garden or terrace, you must be crazy to know more about the Most Beautiful Flowers in India. In India there are always some colourful, distinctive, and stunning flowers in bloom, in thousands, every season, some of which are even exported to other global countries. In reality, some of India's top tourist destinations are well-known for their floral patches. Send them to any location in India for Valentine's Day, Birthday, Anniversary, or Mother's Day, choosing from the Most Beautiful Flowers in India, the fragrant flower bouquets, bunches, and baskets for your shopping cart. 

a) Roses : Nothing can be more romantic than a large basket of roses for occasions like Birthday, Anniversary and Valentine's Day. Be in sweet-smelling red, white, pink, or yellow. Roses are the perfect charmers for special occasions, and when given in a bouquet, they never fail to dazzle! The most striking of all, roses are the emblems of love, faith with a long-standing impression on people's emotions.  

b) Carnations : Carnations are among the most attractive and profitable flowers best suited for Mother's Day occasion. Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, West Bengal, Jammu & Kashmir, and Karnataka are significant carnation-producing states. They are vibrant blossoms, ranging from red, white, yellow to pink n lavender and other colors.

c) Rajanigandha : Rajanigandha, or tube roses are prized for their intensely aromatic delights. They are too lovely to be ignored. The gorgeous white body, divine-smelling bunches provide the perfect present for their enticing perfume. The odorous, bulbous plants can be given as hand-bunches or bundles for occasions of sympathy.

d) Jasmines : The perennial climbers are the show-stoppers for beauty and aroma. Better known as Juhi, Jai, Bela, Mogra or Chameli, they are used for all happy occasions in garlands or wreaths for the Wedding ceremonies and for other festivals, as they retain their smell for long. 

e) Lavender : Lavenders are sweet soothing flowering plants that are basically winter flowers, clearing the way for the New Year's Eve festivities. The soothing beauty lavenders can induce sleep, lessen anxiety, and aid in relaxation when experiencing stress and despair.

f) Gerberas : The magnificent and colorful Gerberas are available in every colour scape, with either single or mixed shading and look gorgeous when arranged in a basket or bouquet with green fillers.

g) Orchids : The Fox Brush Orchid is among the most vibrant flowers you will ever see. They belong to the dwarf species category and are typically crystal pink in color. The majority of them are raised in teak, net, and basket-like containers. Many people enjoy growing them in-house.

h) Marigold : The popular 'happy-go-lucky' flowers are always upbeat, hardy, and simple to grow, with yellow and orange shades. The French marigolds and the African kinds of marigold are two of the more well-known varieties and are distinguished by their vividly large, entirely double flower heads.

i) Sunflower : The Sunflower is regarded as India's most beautiful flower and is distinguished by its fiery yellow tone, and, of course, the sun-like look .

There are so many flowers to fit the bill for Most Beautiful Flowers in India. Take a closer look at the breathtaking beauty of the roses, lilies, orchids, anthuriums, gerberas, carnations etc to awe-struck. Just pick out the freshest and finest blooms from our floral ensemble at India-flowers-gifts website and give them to your dear souls and see how they do wonder, without breaking your bank. What are you waiting for, then? You may always continue to make someone happy every day, no matter how difficult it may be. Send flowers from us, any place in India and see the magic to happen !

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