Indian Marigolds

“Life is like a Marigold flower. It's short and sweet but when it blooms, it makes you smile for days!”

Such happy feelings are associated with marigolds, or the Indian 'gendaphool'. As rightly perceived as the flower of hope, marigold Flowers are widely used in Indian culture and festivities, mostly in wedding decor or Puja ceremonies. From Dusshera to Diwali, every festivity has seen the garlands of marigolds strewn at the doorways, in shops and markets, in the puja pandals, temples or hallways. It's fascinating enough to know that the rich, vibrant yellowish hue has been there with us, in India, barely than 350 years ago! Marigolds, being a Mexican native have won hearts of India right from then. In traditional Indian wedding decorations, marigolds in both yellow and orange colors are frequently used. They look absolutely stunning in herds, as they don't come as a single stick, or single posy, they go as many in a bunch. Come to think of Indian Marigolds, they remind you of the famous Hindi Bollywood number, 'sasuralgendaphool', meaning that in Indian Wedding, it's not enough to have the bride & groom alone, but marrying a person comes with a baggage of mother-in-law, sister-in-law, relations outpouring from all corners.

Originally, marigolds were a member of the Calendula family of flowers, which likewise had vivid orange and yellow petals. As the genda-phool of India or flowers considered sacred to the Virgin Mary, they are frequently employed in religious rituals, with the English name of marigold deriving from Mary.

Many of us have so many festive memories with marigold, the easy-to-access flowers, right from the childhood! So, let's take a look at some low budget (they are often called as poor man's sunflower) splendid decor ideas with Indian Marigolds that you can use for your wedding functions, puja and celebrations, just altering the look & feel of the place, a wee bit, using simple props. 

• Rangoli with Marigolds : For a Rangoli design, flower petals are always appropriate, and they look very authentic too. If you choose the modest marigold flower as your bloom of choice, you can have a set of two to three colors figured out for your floor decoration ideas. Use the flowers individually, pluck them, or even arrange them with strings and chords to discover the various patterns you can create.

• Decor Entrance for Wedding : If you have your marriage venue charted and you want to spruce up the entrance door without spending much on the expensive florals, think of rather creating innovations to the door or entrance at a cost, crazy low than you can dream of. That would make the whole look stunning with marigold flower accents. Isn't it really mesmerizing? Because marriage involves too much spending, let's get into low budget yet subtle touch-ups with these flower danglers. 

• Photo Booth Decor : Recreate the wedding Photo Session area with marigold patterns and arrangements. Yes, you don't need to pay through your nose! All you need are some marigold flowers and some wooden frames for the base. Showcase this picture booth for your wedding day and for the Mehendi functions. If there is not enough space for a dedicated photo booth, don't need to fret. Simply locate a stylish area and get some marigold strings to serve as the ideal backdrop for capturing beautiful shots. It also works for Haldi celebrations, if there's not much budget for the photo sessions. Take the stunning pics and forget about the shabby set up. 

• Mash up for Haldi : Ignite the yellow passion at the Haldi ceremony with excellent backdrop for photo, making a wall of white flowers, mix and match with marigold décor at the center. This will help to enhance the groom and bride's attire in sharp contrast. 

• Marriage Stage Decor : Marriage stage decor should be attractive, and you can do that with straightforward flower wall decoration with marigolds, as a backdrop mesh. They won't break your bank! Hang artificial flowers or use paper flowers strung on a wooden frame alternating with marigold. From the stage's ceiling, floral chandeliers can be hung.

With so many stunning pieces of marigold artworks and creations, you can doll up any blank space and make it look like a dreamscape. Log on to India-flowers-gifts web store to more about the Indian Marigolds magic, and shop online for these icons of hope at lowest prices, with free and faster deliveries, any place in India.

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