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Do you have interests in plants but cannot do justice to the idea of keeping flowering plants at home, or don't have ample time to take care of the plants! Whatever be the pressing reason, you can always switch to artificial flowers, an exact imitation of blossoms. If you're looking for the artificial flowers, foam flowers or faux Flowers in Mumbai, you'll have dedicated markets & shops dealing with such enchanting bunch. Yes, a rose will be a rose, minus the sweet smells! That you have to manage. In earlier days, artificial flowers were made up of velvet fabrics, silk or paper materials, but sophisticated printing technology has done amazing detailing to the so-called art flowers to make them astoundingly brilliant. Because of this, florists are increasingly using artificial flowers as event decors and to add floral arrangements to homes. The city of Mumbai has a wide client base for these sophisticated lots because of its sprawling business houses, stunning villas, lavish parties etc. There are dedicated wholesale retailers and Artificial Flowers Wholesale in Mumbai where you can come across palm-sized planters to gigantic cherry blossoms, in huge pots . 

Faux roses, chrysanthemums and even sunflowers may be seen in these stores, which make them a real treat to watch! There are imitations of germaniums, orchids, up until you get too near, pass for the real thing. You'll get to catch up with artificial Christmas trees and hanging creepers, 3D flowers, with the approaching winter. There are also the terrariums, at cheap prices. If you cannot pay a physical visit to the wholesale markets, there are other ways to make up for the shopping - reach out to the online suppliers of such Artificial Flowers Wholesale in Mumbai to decorate homes, Wedding venues, Birthday parties, engagement occasions, with no-hassle purchases. Apart from these, you'll get to purchase creative planters and pots, vertical garden products and much more, at cheapest prices. 

It's no less awe-inspiring to know how the tech-induced marvels are created with varied range of materials and technology to give them the ultimate finesse. Let's find out what make them look so authentic -- 

a)Artificial Silk Material : Nowadays, polyester-made artificial silks are used to make the flowers with a similar sheen and gloss. The fabric's starch content and weight decide the ultimate softness. To make the material resemble actual flowers, it is printed, sliced, moulded, and joined on stems. You can choose artificial creepers like, soft Pink roses for decoration for wedding. Have purple peony, hydrangeas, marigold for the corridor do-ups. The drop-in bouquets are a must-have for the weddings made of artificial silk fabric.  

b)Velvet Fabric : Another very unique material formerly used to create imitation flowers, particularly red roses, was velvet. Even they are the show-stoppers for the single stem rose decors, of all hues and shades, as of now. The artificial flowers are made using a thin velvet fabric that's simple to shape. You can hardly resist the outstanding visual appeal! 

c)Natural Textures : You must have seen terrariums, widely used for garden decorations, they are basically the moulds, given the shapes and feel like natural flowers. Artificial succulents are also treated by this way. They are moulded from unique plastics that give them the appearance and feel of a natural succulent's rubbery texture, as the name suggests. 

d)PU Foam Flowers : You'll find a wide range of wedding roses to calla lilies, art tulips made of foam flowers, soft touch real-like flowers, mostly used for wedding decor. Many artificial fruits, vegetables, and even succulents are made of polystyrene foam. The foam is moulded into specific shapes of the natural product and given a gloss finish, with light coating with glue or varnish. The look-alike florals made of PU or Polyurethane Foam are painted, printed, and put together to resemble actual flowers.

e)Plastic Fabrics : Since 1970s polyester fabric is been used. Choose flowers made of artificial plastics like realistic artistic Sunflower Bunch sets, artificial foliage, made of plastic textiles. Now, you can even keep plastic flowers and plants outside in sunshine, they won't fade away, thanks to the technology used to retain the colours in roses, pink lotuses etc.

At India-flowers-gifts website we offer an array of Artificial Flowers Wholesale in Mumbai for our clients. Professional skill, advanced technology by latest machines, high-end materials set apart our artificial real-life flowers from the rest. We offer them at the lowest price range with free deliveries to our clients all around the nation.

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