Indian Flag Cake

Do you have any idea how dreamy the Independence Day or Republic Day celebration Cake looks? Are you aware of how the craze for theme cakes is rising day by day! People now want to replace the old-school festival Cakes served on Birthday, Friendship Day, Independence Day and other special events, with the new thematic Cake on the block. There's the Tri-Colored Tiranga Cake, also known as the Indian Flag Cake, to pay a fitting tribute to India on this very special day of Independence, the day that has given us a chance to do things our own way. When you'll see the rainbow band cakes, you can feel the sheer pleasure & delight to be an Indian! 

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The Indian flag cake has prominent four colors, the saffron, white, green and blue (for the Ashok Chakra). More so, the sponge cake looks such wonderful in its vibrant band of colors, the four different cake layers, baked separately and assembled. 

Tips to Share : If you are the one who loves to innovate cakes and bake with all heart, here's some easy way to come up with your own version of Tri-colored flag cake. Though it involves much time and separate bakes for all the colored layers, it's worth the fun. You'll need the basic ingredients to make a regular Vanilla sponge cake. To make a vanilla-base spongy Indian flag cake, you'll need to make four distinct layers of white sponge, layer of saffron, green layer, blue color layer.  

To make the Saffron layer, use red and yellow color edible powder or gel, for the green layer, use the green color edible powder or gel and for the blue, some blue color powder or edible gel. 

For frosting you can use the cool whips or non-dairy whipping cream powder or liquids. Or else, you can beat cream, sugar and vanilla extract in a chilled bowl and work until the peaks rise, then refrigerate them.  

Now, it's time to arrange the different colored part of the cake - 

Firstly, you need to trim & flatten the tops of 4 separate-colored cakes.

Come to the cake stand and arrange the bottom green layer and apply layers of whipped cream on top.

Better to cut the white and blue cakes into 3 concentric circles, so that you can use them as a sandwich layer, representing the blue Ashok Chakra.

Now, alternatively place the white and blue concentric circles applying creams on the ridges and go on completing a white n blue layer.

Then on top, apply some whipped cream and add the top most saffron layer.

The cake is ready for the icing and décor.  

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If you think cutting an Indian flag cake as unpatriotic or disrespect to Indian Flag, do think over again before placing the order! We have some pro-tips to share- A recent High Court Verdict had declared cakes with the Tricolor and Ashoka Chakra design on them neither unpatriotic nor a 'insult' under the Prevention of Insults to National Honor Act, 1971. Because a patriot not only raises his country's flag, symbolizes his national pride publicly, but also someone who cares for good governance and works for it. So, you can unhesitatingly go for some unique and good-baked spongy Indian Flag Cake, the next Independence Day!

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