Indian Cricket Cake

Indian Cricket Cake, something that instantly reminds you of the pitch, the gully, the outswing, the stumps and the whole hullaballoo of a world cup cricket match coming alive, in a jiffy. So, if your child goes crazy for Virat Kohli, Tendulkar or Dhoni, and your pal loves to root for Team Blue, your papa keeps his eyes glued on the TV set for the sluggish test matches or IPL, to your mom's utter dismay (she'd be missing her favorite daily soap for 5 days), you can treat these cricket-fanatics with some brand-new cake concept like, Indian Cricket Cake. Think as a Birthday surprise for your son, a chocolate fudge cake, with pistachio butter cream layers, covered with dark chocolate ganache and wait for the cake cover to go off! The smiles will say it all! 

Get ready to savor the cricket pitch, the ball, bat, stumps from the flavor of your choice - be it vanilla, eggless butterscotch, chocolate; go for any flavor for this sponge-based fondants, designed in a way that your eyes can relish and delicious taste is something your mouth n heart will remember for a long time. Whether it's their birthday, Friendship Day, cake concept for special days, like, Father's Day, or Valentine's Day, cake with a cricket theme will go rocking, no doubt. 

The Indian Cricket Cake with its super-cool look will leave cricket lovers in amazement of its impactful, rich, and creamy flavors, and they won't be able to help but ask for more. There are few awesome cricket cake types that you can consider ordering for your cricket-freak friends & relations, to amaze them to the core!

a) Theme IPL Fondant Cake - IPL, a revolutionary idea unveiled by the Indian Cricket Association, has captured the youths' attention to a great extent. Huge numbers of people follow the IPL, and each year they eagerly wait for the dates. As IPL has a huge fan following among people, gifting someone IPL themed Fondant Cake will be a grand treat. Live up to the sensational 20-20 series with these super cakes. 

b) Two Tier Gully Cricket Theme Cake - Love this two-tier fondant cake for your favorite ones, still down with the world cup cricket fever. Professional bakers used the best ingredients, including love, to create this marvelous cake. Send them this cricket theme cake without a doubt if you've decided to make your Kids, or bro feel on top of the world.

c) Wonderful Indian Jersey Theme Cake - We all love the color of our jersey, so why not make it into some craziest cake idea, this time. This vanilla fondant cake can be an appropriate tribute to all the cricket lovers out there. Surprise your Boyfriend like anything with these stylish pieces of fondant on birthdays.

d) Cake with shining leather ball on top - One of the most much-hyped and wonderful sports played worldwide is cricket. People with all enthusiasm await the World Cup series, the sensational matches, the thrill and excitement. Giving someone who loves cricket this cake with the motif of the Shining Leather Ball will make them feel special and put a smile on their face, there's no doubt about that!

e) Super Cake with ODI Theme - Gone are the days of the sluggish test matches, people have long switched to more exciting ODIs. People wait for the action-packed 50 Overs, full of excitements, fours, sixes, and many more unbelievable things to watch. Gifting this cake to someone who is a super fan of ODI will definitely make them drool. 

For making such amazing cricket cake you'll need to make the base of the vanilla sponge cake. Do filling in the layers choosing from vanilla, butterscotch, chocolate and more. Basic ingredients that are used for the baking are Flour, White sugar, Vegetable Oil, Baking powder, baking soda, Salt, Milk, Vanilla extract, Whipped cream, Butter, Confectioners' sugar. For the décor part, use bamboo skewers, wooden ice block stick. 

So, the next time you think of making b-day treat with a twist, think of such the best cricket cakes from India-flower-gifts web store. Yes, we do low-cost doorstep delivery of such marvelous theme cakes of 1kg-500gm, including Candles and Knifes. We understand your need of finding a Cricket theme cake without compromising on the taste, that's why we balance beauty & flavor to get that priceless sparkle in your dear ones' eyes.

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