Indian Army Cake

You know how the demand for Theme Cakes is increasingly getting bigger! People now look for new Cake Avatars, fresh alternatives to the same-old flavored cakes used for Birthday, Father's Day, Friendship Day, and special occasions. At India-flowers-gifts portal, we have been working extensively with our skilled bakers and 1st rate delivery services to provide you with the best Indian Army Cake online. We make sure they arrive in one piece, thanks to the excellent packaging and the delivery staffs, who're ready to transport the cake boxes securely to your preferred addresses and locations, anyplace in India. Then, make your dream cakes lot more flamboyant adding a 'thematic' feel to them, just to show it to the world and your loved ones that cakes can also tell a story!

If it's your kids b-day round the corner and they are the avid watcher of action thrillers and war movies showing the bravado of the soldiers, go with a brand-new cake on the block, the Indian Army Cake. Gift these lovely-tasting and delicious looking cakes to surprise an Army friend, sibling, kids, spouse, trainer, aspirant, or anybody else who respects the Indian Army or is training for it. Giving them one of these cakes would undoubtedly earn you some ready praises and Kudos!!

We let you feast with the Army Cake online, offering an array of Army Birthday Cake, Indian Army Theme Cake, Police Officer Cake, Army Man Theme Cake, Military Treat Theme Cake, Soldier Uniform Theme Cake, Finally Guns Down Theme Cakes and Soul Attire online theme cakes. Make these fabulous looking cakes an absolute treat for people who belong to the Indian Army, or who have aspirations of joining the forces in the future.

We make sure that your money is well spent and you get these extravagant things at low cost! So, let's make it big this time, with delicious Army birthday cake, to salute their 24/7 efforts to protect the country from outside attackers and terrorists.

Army men and soldiers hardly get any chance to enjoy holidays, just to make sure we have a peaceful sleep. Don't we owe them some reward for all these good deeds! Let's make their big moments special with these legendary Cakes, be it on b-day, promotion, or on retiring. Make it a cake-walk with our round-the-clock prompt customer services and fast cake delivery outreaches.

Army Birthday Cake - Is your buddy working for Indian Army? Wish to offer something quirky on friend's birthday? If so, Army Birthday Cake must be what you're seeking. Just hold on, because there are other variants of these awesome cakes, such as chart-topper Soldier Theme Cakes and Military Cakes.

Indian Army Theme Cake - These are basically the fondant-based cakes with flavors of pineapple or vanilla, with Indian national flag décor. Better to store them in air-conditioned set-ups! 

Military Cake - These round-shaped fondant cream-based cakes feature hand grenade, bullets, revolvers, fencing, tankers, missiles, just to give a feel of the military regime. 

Soldier Cake - Love the customized flavor Soldier Cake, depicting the uniform or army badge, hat in fondant base. Nothing works magic like the Soldier Theme Cakes as they are the best-opted talk-of-the-town cakes!

Finally Guns Down - Treat your Army man or Kids, Bro, with this exotic war-zone army tanker cakes in fondant.

Soul Attire - 3D shape cakes, best for Birthday or Father's Day, featuring the Indian Flag and the Army Attire in fondant base. 

Soldier Cup Cake Topper - Do some magic to the Cup Cakes, putting personalized soldier photo toppers on them. A great hit among the kids, these can showcase your favorite kids' printable pics in military attire! 

Personalized Army Cake Topper - A lovely cake for kids' b-day bash! Personalize names to add as topper to vanilla base fondants, or any flavor, with army man cut outs attached to the name. 

There are more such Army themed cakes like, Two Tier Army Cake Jeep or tanker on Top, Commando Fondant Cakes to awe-struck people around. 

We have some tips to share while you think of buying them, be wary of the edible decorative toppings with the wooden skewers, the delicate wire supports to hold the army figurines in place. Though they serve as brilliant cakes ideas, it's inappropriate to cut Army Cakes as they are our legends, and it's so symbolic to cut them to pieces! Otherwise, there's nothing to stop you from ordering from the much-hyped Indian Army Cake collections, a hand-crafted salute to the indispensable Army people.

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