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Had you been to Kerala, the God's own country, you must be fascinated by its lush vegetations, the sprawling coconut plantations, the coastal flora and fauna, making it so unique from the rest of the country. Kerala, with nature's outpouring blessings, house some wonderful panorama of rare plants, intrinsic to climate and soil conditions. Being a tropical environment and receiving enough rainfall throughout the year, make it the perfect place for the blooms. Those making it to the top category of the blooming plants are the species like anthuriums, roses, and orchids, but there are also a number of less well-known but no less beautiful Gardening Plants in Kerala that are cultivated throughout the state, in abundance. Let's take a look on these indigenous plant and Flowers marvels, that you can plant in house for their innate useful properties, medicinal usage or gift as thriving Live Plants to someone you care for.

We have skilled professionals to manufacture, supply an exclusive array of indoor plants, or the flowering ones, if you are into gardening and loves to be rewarded with the lovely sights, aroma of the vibrant blossoms. With proper farming techniques and gardening tips, you can become a pro in Gardening Plants in Kerala. Let's go through some gardening plants for indoors and outdoors, to know their peculiar features and what make them so unique to harvest in Kerala.

Pakira Indoor Plant : This plant is raised using new-age farming techniques and grown in an environment with the right climate. According to Feng shui remedies, the Pakira Indoor plant is well-known for bringing peace and harmony in home and surrounds. Moreover, you can give this plant as a gift to your loved ones on their Birthday and Anniversary

Chemaparuthi, Rose Marrow or Sorrel : The plant, which has a solitary, long-stemmed blossom, is a widely-cultivated garden plant. This hibiscus-family plant has flowers with the normal sepal, calyx, and petals, as well as male stamen-bearing stalks that shield the long tube from the female parts. Leaves are of dark green toothed edges, while the plants are grown in shrublike structures or as herbs in Kerala.

Round Fast Growth Bermuda Grass or Karuka Grass : The round broom-like Bermuda grasses are helpful in treating body heat and weakness. They are beneficial for treating piles, diabetes, and issues with the eyes, nose, and ears. 

Calathea Herbal Plant : The beautiful ornamental leaves of Calathea zebrina, often known as the zebra plant are noted for their zebra-like stripes. Calathea is a houseplant that filters the air, making it an eye-catching addition to any interior while promoting a better & healthier vibe in-house. Another thing that makes Calathea unique is that its leaves close at night and reopen in the morning. They are used as garden plants in Kerala houses. 

Arali, Nerium Plant or South-Sea Rose : The plant is quite famous in the range of Gardening Plants in Kerala and quite popular for its awesome looking flowers, grown as a shrub in the Kerala gardens. The Nerium plants grow as shrubs, trees, herbs or even as climbers with beautiful florescent flowers. The Arali sap, though very poisonous is used for treating ailments like, Scabbies.

Water Lily or Ambal : The star-lotus or Water Lily is an aquatic plant growing in abundance in Kerala. The Ambal blossom begins to appear in groups around August or September, and by the second half of September, they have spread out across the fields. After the paddy is harvested, the Ambal's seeds are put in the field, to see them grow and finish their life cycle, which typically takes two to three months. These vibrant lilies are ranged from red to blue colors and one can witness the annual dance of these magnificent water lilies in the water bodies of Kerala, while in full bloom.

Kannikkona, or the Golden Shower Tree : These shrub-like plants are the official flower of Kerala, and it is associated with myths and rituals as the golden yellow florescent pendant-like flowers herald the beginning of summer, the season of Vaishakh, famed for the flowering boom. It's a spectacle to see the full-grown golden shower tree with its leaves showered on the floor.

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