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Have you ever imagined a world without flowers? No, not while there are still human footprints on the planet. No occasion could ever be thought of without Flowers because they are such incredibly simple things to offer to someone you love. Everyone enjoys and feels pampered when they receive floral presents on their Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, Mother's Day and any occasion worth mention. So, this time, when you think of treating Girlfriend, Boyfriend, mom and dad, spouse or buddy living in West Bengal, with some floral extravagant gifts, do think of some amazing Flower of West Bengal, that are quite appealing and intrinsic to the soil.

In earlier times in Bengal, certain flowers were offered to particular gods and goddesses, including Champak, Royal Jasmine, Arabian Jasmine, and Gandharaj, during puja. The task of tying brides' chignons was also given to the Malakars (the garland makers). Chignons were traditionally made up of Arabian Jasmine and Rose. They were very exquisite and made to perfection. So, it's truly fascinating to know about the exotic floral gems of Bengal and how they impact the receiver and the surrounds. 

1. Night-flowering Jasmine :- West Bengal's official flower is Night Flowering Jasmine, or Parijat. They are the cute, fragrant flowers that open at night. The state flower of West Bengal is well known for its supposed therapeutic properties. The flowers come from several locations in and around Kolkata, including Howrah, Santi Niketan, Bardhhaman, South and East Midnapore, Nadia and Darjeeling.

2. Oleander/Raktakarabi :- Oleander, the lovely blooms of fragrant pink flowers arranged in bunches is extensively cultivated in tropical and subtropical gardens, parks, and avenues is loved for its colour and scent. In Bengal, it is known as Raktakarabi, with slender branches and whorls of dark dusty green, leathery, narrow leaves. The white, pink, or yellow flowers bloom in clusters at the ends of each branch. White, pink, and red single and double variants are available.

3. Chanrdramallika or Chrysanthemum :- The Chandramallika or Chrysanthemum are herbaceous perennials with huge, deeply lobed flowerheads that are white, yellow, or pink in colour. They originate from the Compositae family of Sunflowers. They have blooms in every colour but blue. Their flowers come in an enormous range of sizes and forms.

4.Rajanigandha/ Tube Rose :- Rajanigandha is "The Fragrance of the Night." Tuberoses are a common Flower of West Bengal and fragrances are made using its scent. However, they are rather simple to cultivate in a container, as long-lasting in water as a cut flower. The flowers are all-white, while the unopened buds are reddish. Sunlight is essential for tuberoses, which bloom in the late summer.

5. Padma or Lotus :- Lotus is a sacred symbol of Buddhists and Hindu religion,used in a variety of artistic mediums. Its huge pink or white petalled flowers and leaf stalks stand above the water, unlike other members of the water lily family. A network of microscopic hairs covers the big, rounded leaves, keeping them dry in the rain. In fact, the stem is consumed some places in India and is also pickled.

6. Golden Frangipani/ Swarn Champa :- Champa or Swarn Champa is very well-known flower native to the Himalayas, and also popular in Bengal for its fragrance. It is a tree up to 50 m or taller, with mesmerizing aroma. Champa has diverse varieties.

7. Crown Flower :- Akondo or Crown Flower is a large shrub, resembling a small tree, having clusters of waxy flowers that are either white or lavender in colour. The five-pointed petals make up each flower, joined by a tiny, graceful 'crown' that rises from the centre. The blooms are widey utilised for puja offerings to Lord Shiva.

8. Rangoon Creeper/Madhurilata :- Rangoon creeper or Madhurilata is simple-to-grow vine, famous for white trumpet clusters are robust climbers with many summer blooms. The sweet-smelling white blooms swiftly turn pink from white and then scarlet, putting on an impressive display. 

Crape Jasmine/ Tagar:- The widely distributed shrub of Crape Jasmine or Tagar has slender, crooked stem that release a white latex when broken. In Spring, crape jasmine blossoms, however flowers can be seen occasionally throughout year. They are the waxy white pinwheels with five petals, extensively used as puja offerings. 

There is an enchanting array of Flower of West Bengal of Four O'clock/ Sandhyamalati, Roses, Hibiscus, Nayantara or Periwinkle, Indian Shot or Kalavati, Ketaki and more, that we can procure and deliver for your dear souls in West Bengal or anywhere in India through our India-flowers-gifts web shop, with fast and assured free delivery. 

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