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There must be some sweet tooth in every household who go drooling for cakes, don't they! And they are not always the kids! The grown-ups too have an innate crush for these dollops of heaven. Do you know how people go crazy for Cakes in Kerala, yes, they do, almost as every other people around you. Wish to create lasting memories for your loved ones in Kerala, not a big deal then! Send them online Cakes to Kerala on the occasion of their birthday, anniversaries, Christmas or New Year's festivities to witness the instant glow and the drool! Nothing can stop the freshness embodied Cakes, from an extensive array of Dark Chocolate Truffle Cake, Red Velvet Cake, Banana Cake, Carrot Cakes to steal the show. You simply cannot finish off with the endless flavor choices that the cake-freaks have in their stock books. So, if you are really interested to know what are the best Cakes Names in Kerala, the best flavors that the people crave for, you have to dig in more.  

You can choose from a shed-load of flavors, right from the die-hard Chocolate Cakes, popularly known as Devil's Food cake, delicious Heart Shaped Chocolate Photo Cakes for Valentine's Day, or, have the designer Pink Flamingo Cakes, Hand Bag Cakes for the lovely ladies in their birthday or anniversary. The most loved Cakes Names in Kerala are the Red Velvet, Carrot Cakes, Banana Cake, Sponge Cakes, and you won't ever miss the compliments from the ones you send them for. 

Choose the wonder-crafted Cakes to add sweetness to the bash and we let you into the world of fashionable Cakes for the appropriate occasion in Kerala. Grab them for less money than you can anticipate!

1. Devil's Food Cake :Devil's food cake refers to a kind of dark, rich, chocolatey Cake. The most demanded cakes in Kerala are the Dark Chocolate Cakes, Chocolate Truffle Cakes, as rich as this one, with the reputation of the 'sinful' cakes prepared with cocoa powder, chocolate Swiss Butter cream, with an additional dose of baking soda, often distinguishing them from other chocolate cakes. 

2. Pink Flamingo Cake :White cake mix, instant vanilla pudding, crushed pineapple and cherry juice cook up such alluring pink flamingo cakes, to woo your women, be it mom, wife, fiance on her Birthday, anniversary etc. Send them as a surprise, topping off with the sugary pink flamingo icing sculptures. Double the celebration with a surprise delivery!

3. Stylish Handbag Cake :There are always good birthday cake suggestions for your mom or beloved. Every woman loves to have a handbag, so, why not some themes do on hand bags! The stylish three-dimensional handbag cakes are much in-vogue in Kerala for birthdays, or for Mother's Day. Overwhelm the women around with such marvel theme cakes for Kerala. 

4. Rainbow Cake :Wow! These heavenly looking cakes can be such a treat for the eyes, and can make people feel out of the world. This is the most watched out cakes for her in Kerala, with so many vibrant hues, made with moist vanilla sponges, layered with creamy vanilla butter. They are the sure-fire cakes to add more life to any celebration party, especially for the Kids!

5. The Lady in Red Velvet :Red Velvet Cakes or the famous red & white gateau is one of the spectacular bakes that people in Kerala have for the Christmas. When you think of the Designer Lady in Red Velvet, you'll think of the Red Velvet base, with the ermine icing and the addition of buttermilk, cocoa and cream cheese. The contrast layering of red and white make them a treat for the eye! As the name suggests, it is a popular sorting for the wonderful women making the Lady in Red Velvet Cake unique. You can do wonder with the cream cheese frosting as a surprise birthday treat for Her!

6. Carrot n Date Cakes :One of the most talked about festive cakes in Kerala is the super-moist Carrot n Date Cakes, ideal for the Christmas or New Year parties. The irresistible, slightly chewy body contains carrot, dates, and cashews. A pure bliss to add the dates along!

These are the some of the best Cakes Names Kerala. Make happiness twofold for the celebrations along with customized gift hamper of cake and other gifts to steal the show. Send these wonder-making cakes in Kerala homes, with India-flowers-gifts portal, at the best lowest budget and fast delivery, so you can have the best shopping ever!

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