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For the folks in Bangalore, who are the avid cake-lovers, there's an angel in cake baking and dispatches called the Cake Walk Bangalore shop. Choose from a sensational selection of brownies, pastries, and a huge selection of cake at its best, thoughtfully chosen and arranged to appeal to Indians' gourmet-loving nature and forge emotional ties, a lot better way. Pick from the egg to eggless variants to awe-struck the taste buds, with a sweeping flavor burst!

We have range of classic Cakes, premium Cakes, exquisite Gateaux and exotic Brownies to hold a special place in your heart. An eye-catching Bubble Gum Frosting or a glamorous Turkish Delight will be delivered to your doorsteps with no hidden charges, if you stay within our delivery ambit. Get free delivery of Angry Bird fondant cake, Spider man photo Cake, Bailey's Chocolate Cake, fun chocolate Pinata Cake, football ground cake, 2-tier superhero cake, choco red velvet cake, Ferrero Rocher Cake, or any birth-day theme cake for a happening party of your kiddo. It is so much fun having the handsome Chocolate Marzipan or Tiramisu Cake fills their little mouths!

Our expert delivery agents take extra care to deliver the delicate Marvel cakes without shipping charges at all places in Bangalore and Chennai. Pick some of the delicious egg to egg less variants for your mom and dad living in Koramangala or Rajaji Nagar, far away from your place. Make special moments of Birthday, Father's Day, Anniversary shine with a brilliant cake dispatch idea, so that you can connect with them better that way. Why not order a personalized photo collage on ceramic tile and a wonderful Mango Passion Cake, the flavour your mom loves so much! Pay in INR and get free shipping services to their doorsteps. Our cake shopping site has a large array of cake hampers that will make emotional gifts to your loved ones. The only delivery fee we charge is the joy on your loved ones' faces when they open the priceless cake boxes!

Some best-sellers from our oven-to-the-store ---

a) Chocolate Truffle Cakes - You must know what makes Chocolate truffle cakes get their rich texture and finish! Chocolate cake can be put together more quickly with chocolate butter-cream. Chocolate cake layers with custard filling, topped with ganache and chocolate chips, are the basis of a chocolate truffle cake. So, it's a way more appetizing for the eyes and for the mouth too!

b) Blueberry Cake - What makes melt in your mouth Blueberry Cakes! It is a moist cake with a wild blueberry flavor that is filled with compote and covered in a sweet buttercream. Whenever you take a mouthful, you'll know how the fruitiness and slurpy feeling will take charge of your taste buds with aromatic pairing with coffee or chocolate! Love them in white vanilla base with Blueberry White Chocolates.

c) White Chocolate Cake - Egg whites are utilized in White Chocolate Cakes, which is how most basic cakes are prepared. White cake acquires its distinctively pure-white hue as a result. So, what's so special about white chocolate? Since it doesn't include any cocoa powder, it isn't even chocolate. There is only a simple mixture of sugar and cocoa butter, frequently with a flavoring of vanilla.

d) Red Velvet Cake - One of the most amazing bakes is this luscious red and white gateau. This is the ideal item for your baskets if you're itching to add additional color to the cake platters. Your loved ones will drool because of the ermine icing and the inclusion of buttermilk, chocolate, and cream cheese. They are also a visual pleasure because to the red and white's contrast layering! At Cake Walk Bangalore, we provide some of the best delicious bites at reduced prices.

e) Choco-hazelnut Cakes - So the search for the ultimate Choco Hazelnut Cakes is over with Cake Walk Bangalore! You can use your preferred chocolate hazelnut spread in this cake, which is made just for you. The flavors of chocolate and hazelnut are infused throughout the entire cake, in addition to the cake cream being spiked with the beloved Nutella spread. The decadent chocolate hazelnut cake recipe used here are the layers of luscious chocolate sponge cake, Nutella frosting, and cream cheese icing. Tastes heaven! They are perfect for any occasion, including New Year bash, Mom's Day and birthdays!

So, love our cakes more, at lowest price, with better one day delivery and perfect co-ordination with our customer handling team. What would you love to have on your cake platter from our Bangalore store, let us know, while logging on to our cake shop Bangalore portal, any time, around the 24 hr.

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