Types of Flowers in India

India, the nation of diverse sceneries; here, you'll see green mountains, blue oceans, and yellow sandy deserts, thus the flower variation of this country differs by state related to soil quality. Flowers are the ideal present for practically any event, including Birthdays, Weddings, Get Well, and Funerals. Here are some Types of Flowers in India that you may give to your loved ones as a gesture of your affection.

Rose : Who among us does not admire roses? Everyone does right!  Roses are as diverse as they are fragrant, and can be used in arrangements for every event, including weddings and Anniversaries. So, what else are you looking for? Send these aromatic roses to someone you care about and surprise them on their special day. 

Carnations : Carnations flowers represent the mother's unending love because they are said to have originated from the tears of Virgin Mary. Carnations represent love and charm and come in a range of colors. Light red carnations express gratitude, while dark red carnations represent intense love and affection; white carnations represent pure love and good luck, and pink carnations means importance. Carnation bouquets are excellent choice for gifting to your loving mom on Mother's Day.

Gerberas : Gerbera flowers are well-known as emblems of beauty, innocence, and purity. These flowers are available in vibrant colors, and giving them to loved ones is an excellent way to brighten their day.

Orchids : Orchids are unique and sensitive beauty with a stunning appeal. Orchids are popular among people looking to make a long-lasting impression with a unique flower.

Sunflowers : Sunflowers not only represent the sun, but they also face it as the day begins, with their dazzling yellow petals stretching from their core. Sunflowers symbolize warmth and gratitude, and they are also said to be a sign of longevity. They are an excellent gift for bringing joy and happiness into someone's life.

Lily : Lily is the birth flower for May. The white lily represents purity and goodness. Send white lilies for your loved ones to soothe their heart and soul and express your feeling of sympathy and condolence in times of grief. Make your dear ones feel touched by including lilies on your list of funeral Flowers in India.

Marigold : Marigold is an ancient Indian flower that is often used for devotion, such as at Diwali. It is also used in Hindu marriage ceremonies. Their brilliant yellow hue gives off a really cheery impression. 

Dahlia : A lovely addition to any garden. Dahlias are both beautiful and graceful. They're also popular as summer Flowers in India. Gardeners take special care to develop this flower since it is frequently featured in flower contests.

Jasmine : Jasmine is a white pinwheel-shaped bloom with a pleasant fragrance. Because of its unique aroma, it is a popular option for fragrances and perfumes. Women use it as 'Gajra' to adorn their hairstyles on special occasions such as weddings.

Other varieties like as Hibiscus, Lotus, Hyacinth, bougainvillea, and others can also be found in the heart of India. With such a vast selection of flowers, you can simply send flowers to India to your loved ones via India-flowers-gifts, by using our fastest delivery service, with no hidden charges.

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