A list of Spring Flowers in India

All that in the garden awakens from its winter sleep in the spring. Early spring flowers arrive enhancing the atmosphere with its lovely aroma. Spring Flowers bloom from the end of March to the start of April, depending mostly on climatic factors. Are you new to gardening and want to know what flowers to grow in the spring? Or do you simply wish to adorn your home with beautiful spring flowers? Here is a list of Spring Flowers in India that can give your home a dreamy vibe and are easy to grow.

Orchids : Orchids are one of the best flowers which bloom in spring. The vibrant blue and purple colors will cheer you up whenever you see them in your garden or placed in a glass vase. Orchid Bouquets are perfect for gifting on events such as Wedding, Housewarming etc. 

Daffodil : Daffodil flowers are among the most stunning and vibrant spring flowers. The shade of the flower is normally white or yellow, but you may also find golden yellow, orange or pink variants in some areas. 

Tulip : Tulips are well-known for their bright colors and pleasant fragrance. Colors and shapes of the blossoms also vary. This flowering perennial emerges from bulbs. Tulips typically produce one bloom per stem; however some species produce several flowers on scapes. However, a bunch of tulips as a gift would be perfect for occasions like Birthdays.

Palaash : Palaash is also known as Tesu, Dhaak, and jungle ki aag (flame of the forest). It is the official flower State Flower of Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand. The vibrant colors of palaash will make your mood cheered up and these flowers are used to make natural colors for Holi.

Peace Lily : Perfect for the home or office, Peace Lilies make beautiful houseplants as Spring Flowers in India. These attractive plants not only light up a living area, but they are also great at purifying the air in the room. These plants usually have dark green leaves and white "flowers." Several people mistake the bloom for a unique leaf bract that develops hooded over the blossoms. These amazing flowers are easy to take care of. 

Hyacinth : If you're searching for a flower that may enhance the beauty of your garden or house in a short amount of time, hyacinth flowers are one of the best Spring Flowers in India. Hyacinths have a single, thick spike of fragrant flowers that come in white, orange, pink, yellow, violet, and red. The flowers symbolize rebirth and hope. 

Shirish : Shirish is a native Indian tree that is also known as Rain Trees (because you can shelter under its vast canopy when it rains). Its flowers attract you with their sweet-pungent scent. Shirish is available in a variety of hues such as neon, orange, red, pink, and white.

Semal : Semal or Shalmali trees have a tall, vertical trunk and parallel branches, and they may reach heights of up to four floors. As these plants generate natural fiber, are also known as red silk cotton trees. They lose all of their leaves in the spring and become blood red with millions of blooms on them.

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