Common Flowers in India

“If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly our whole life would change.”- Buddha

Such is the charisma of flowers! Flowers help you heal, they help you connect with souls, show your emotional outbursts, soothe, pamper, and do such wonderful things with you and people around. Keep up with the emotions of individuals who live far away sending a floral bouquet or a single posey in a vase. And see the magic! Giving Flowers to your love partner, kids, Parents, Fiancee or beau is a manifestation of your purest love, no wonder! Flowers are our sincere-most ambassadors of hope, faith and encouragement and we need them badly to combat anger & antagonism in today's toxic atmosphere. So, are you planning for some floral gifts to someone on Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding, Christmas, Diwali or Mother's Day! Then, don't wait for the local flower shops. Our website deals with mesmerizing array of these nature's beauties the Common Flowers in India in countless shapes and hues, including Lilies, gerberas, dahlias, Orchids, Roses, jasmines, hibiscus, sunflowers, marigolds, germanium, carnations, and more. And, we'll deliver these assortments in any place you want, in India.

Every season, thousands of different, beautiful, and vibrant flowers blossom in this country, some of which are even transported to other nations around the world. Choose from such widely circulated Common Flowers in India, the aromatic flower bouquets, bunch, and baskets for your shopping cart, and send them to your Wife, Mom, Valentine, Husband, Beau or buddies.

Roses forever : Roses are most commonly planted in gardens and occasionally indoors. They are the perfect ornamental plants, commercially viable with a huge demand for cut flower farms and for the production of perfume. Some are utilized as landscaping plants, as hedging, and for other practical functions as slope stabilization. The romantic plant is extensively gifted in shades of white, red, yellow, pink and pale orange.

Marigold : With hues of yellow, red, and orange, the happy looking Marigold flowers dominate the flower scape of Indian households and religious functions. Most common and easy to collect flowers with a consistently positive, hardy nature are a common sight in wedding décors, in puja rituals and temple offerings. 

Hibiscus : This amazing Hibiscus shrub, with its vibrant blossoms, has long been utilized for both ornamental and therapeutic purposes. It has been utilized to create supplements, teas, and extracts. They have features that promote health hence they are used increasingly & frequently in herbal products.

Rajanigandha : Tube roses or Rajanigandha is loved for their soothing and overpowering aroma, especially as Condolence flowers. They are majorly used in numerous Ayurvedic medications, confections, drinks, dental creams, and mouthwashes as essential oils. Rajanigandha is a great source for industrial and economic applications.

Frangipani : Champa or Frangipani is a common flower with mesmerizing aroma. Champa has diverse varieties in white, golden & reddish hues. This magnificent red-tinted Frangipani is a tropical tree with an unmistakable scent. Frangipani comes in two different forms: evergreen varieties that remain green all year round and deciduous varieties that lose their leaves in the fall. 

Jasmines : Juhi, Bela, Mogra, or Chameli, as they are better known, Jasmines are the perennial climbers with an unmistakable fragrance, hard to ignore. Very popular in Indian floral landscape, these climbers steal the spotlight. Most people use them in garlands or wreaths for Wedding functions and used in perfume manufacturing since they hold their scent for a long time.

Bougainvillea : The paper flowers, or bougainvillea, prefer a tropical habitat even though it can survive in a variety of climates from subtropical to tropical. They come in vivid hues and ought to be grown on slopes or higher ground. They should be planted where they will get more of direct sunlight every day in order for them to thrive at their best.

Indian landscape is blessed with more such Common Flowers in India like, the lotus, pansy, lily, commercially viable orchids, anthuriums, gerberas, and carnations. Look at them up close and be simply amazed by their beauty! Our floral collections on the India-flowers-gifts website are hard to ignore and it's quite easy to grab the profitable deals on the extravagant looking flowers from the catalogues, with us. Get the most admirable & extraordinary Roses in sleeves, Carnations Basket, Gerbera bouquets, Orchids in Vases and others to be delivered to the precious souls, anywhere in India. Send flowers from us with 24*7 delivery logistics, up-to-the-minute order tracking and watch the magic unfold, in a trive!

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